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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Automated Chess Game Analysis: The model can be used to visually identify and distinguish different chess pieces during a live or recorded game. This data can then be utilized to automatically document game plays, analyze strategies, and record player moves, reducing the overhead associated with manual tracking.

  2. Chess Learning Systems: The model can be implemented within a chess teaching software or application. It could visually guide beginner players on how to play, what moves are available, and recognize incorrect moves.

  3. Online Chess Platforms: This model can be used to convert physical chess play into a digital format. This would allow players to compete remotely by making moves on a physical board that is then recognized and reflected on a digital board.

  4. Augmented Reality Chess: The computer vision model can be part of an AR system that superimposes potential moves, danger warnings, or other game strategy hints on top of live footage of a chess game.

  5. Chess Piece Recognition Training: It can be used to help novice players or those unfamiliar with various chess pieces. The model can be integrated into a training system or educational tool to help users identify different chess pieces and understand their respective roles within the game.

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