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blind-denoising Computer Vision Project

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If you use this dataset in a research paper, please cite it using the following BibTeX:

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Object Detection




Ada Bars Bear Bird Birds Eye Boat Boy Bridge Butterfly Camels Camera Carlo Store Cars Chair Cloud Containment Coral Reef Crocodile Doll Face Fan Feathers Female Face Fireplace Flowers Fox Frog Gear Glove Green Pepper Gutter Hand Hat Helmet Houses Ice Island Jar Lamp Leopard Leopard kitten Lion Man Mask MiG Fighter Mich Microphone Mountain Mushrooms News wall Parrot Parrot's Beak Parrot's Eye Parrot's Nostril People Pitbulls Rail Ridge River Roads Roof Shrubs Snake Soldier Speaker Squirrel Star Fish Statue Table Telephone Tiger Tin Tire Tower Trees Wall Wall Panes Wind Mill Window Windows Wing Woman Womans Face aeroplane buffalo building camel color pane cow dessert dog drum elephant fireman fish giraffe horses hyena jaguar mountain goat puppy pyramid spear fish stone train water wave zebra

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