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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Livestock Monitoring: The model can be implemented in modern farms for surveillance purposes. It helps monitor sheep by their color making it easier for farmers to track breeding programs or specific subset of sheep within a herd.

  2. Animal Research: Researchers studying sheep behavior or genetics can use this model to quickly classify sheep by their coat color. This can be immensely helpful in understanding patterns, distribution and gene flow within and between populations.

  3. Wool Industry: The wool industry can use this model to identify the quality of wool based on the sheep color. For example, black and brown wools are known to be rougher and more durable than white ones.

  4. Wildlife Conservation: Wildlife conservationists can use this model in drones to monitor population of different sheep classes in wild, their migration patterns and to maintain a biodiversity balance.

  5. Automatic Scouting in sports: Practice of sheep herding can be done more efficiently using drone technology equipped with this model to identify and track specific sheep during a herding scenario, useful in dog trials or shepherd training.

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