Groceries Computer Vision Project



This dataset enjoys the following characteristics: (1) It is by far the largest dataset in terms of both product image quantity and product categories. (2) It includes single-product images taken in a controlled environment and multi-product images taken by the checkout system. (3) It provides different levels of annotations for the checkout images. Comparing with the existing datasets, ours is closer to the realistic setting and can derive a variety of research problems.

Use Cases

This dataset could be used to create an automatic item counter or checkout system using computer vision with Walmart's API.

Using this Dataset

This dataset has been licensed on a CC BY 4.0 license. You can copy, redistribute, and modify the images as long as there is appropriate credit to the authors of the dataset.

About Roboflow

Roboflow creates tools that make computer vision easy to use for any developer, even if you're not a machine learning expert. You can use it to organize, label, inspect, convert, and export your image datasets. And even to train and deploy computer vision models with no code required.

Cite this Project

If you use this dataset in a research paper, please cite it using the following BibTeX:

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Samrat Sahoo

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Object Detection




100_milk, 101_milk, 102_milk, 103_milk, 104_milk, 105_milk, 106_milk, 107_milk, 108_canned_food, 109_canned_food, 10_puffed_food, 110_canned_food, 111_canned_food, 112_canned_food, 113_canned_food, 114_canned_food, 115_canned_food, 116_canned_food, 117_canned_food, 118_canned_food, 119_canned_food, 11_puffed_food, 120_canned_food, 121_canned_food, 122_chocolate, 123_chocolate, 124_chocolate, 125_chocolate, 126_chocolate, 127_chocolate, 128_chocolate, 129_chocolate, 12_puffed_food, 130_chocolate, 131_chocolate, 132_chocolate, 133_chocolate, 134_gum, 135_gum, 136_gum, 137_gum, 138_gum, 139_gum, 13_dried_fruit, 140_gum, 141_gum, 142_candy, 143_candy, 144_candy, 145_candy, 146_candy, 147_candy, 148_candy, 149_candy, 14_dried_fruit, 150_candy, 151_candy, 152_seasoner, 153_seasoner, 154_seasoner, 155_seasoner, 156_seasoner, 157_seasoner, 158_seasoner, 159_seasoner, 15_dried_fruit, 160_seasoner, 161_seasoner, 162_seasoner, 163_seasoner, 164_personal_hygiene, 165_personal_hygiene, 166_personal_hygiene, 167_personal_hygiene, 168_personal_hygiene, 169_personal_hygiene, 16_dried_fruit, 170_personal_hygiene, 171_personal_hygiene, 172_personal_hygiene, 173_personal_hygiene, 174_tissue, 175_tissue, 176_tissue, 177_tissue, 178_tissue, 179_tissue, 17_dried_fruit, 180_tissue, 181_tissue, 182_tissue, 183_tissue, 184_tissue, 185_tissue, 186_tissue, 187_tissue, 188_tissue, 189_tissue, 18_dried_fruit, 190_tissue, 191_tissue, 192_tissue, 193_tissue, 194_stationery, 195_stationery, 196_stationery, 197_stationery, 198_stationery, 199_stationery, 19_dried_fruit, 1_puffed_food, 200_stationery, 20_dried_fruit, 21_dried_fruit, 22_dried_food, 23_dried_food, 24_dried_food, 25_dried_food, 26_dried_food, 27_dried_food, 28_dried_food, 29_dried_food, 2_puffed_food, 30_dried_food, 31_instant_drink, 32_instant_drink, 33_instant_drink, 34_instant_drink, 35_instant_drink, 36_instant_drink, 37_instant_drink, 38_instant_drink, 39_instant_drink, 3_puffed_food, 40_instant_drink, 41_instant_drink, 42_instant_noodles, 43_instant_noodles, 44_instant_noodles, 45_instant_noodles, 46_instant_noodles, 47_instant_noodles, 48_instant_noodles, 49_instant_noodles, 4_puffed_food, 50_instant_noodles, 51_instant_noodles, 52_instant_noodles, 53_instant_noodles, 54_dessert, 55_dessert, 56_dessert, 57_dessert, 58_dessert, 59_dessert, 5_puffed_food, 60_dessert, 61_dessert, 62_dessert, 63_dessert, 64_dessert, 65_dessert, 66_dessert, 67_dessert, 68_dessert, 69_dessert, 6_puffed_food, 70_dessert, 71_drink, 72_drink, 73_drink, 74_drink, 75_drink, 76_drink, 77_drink, 78_drink, 79_alcohol, 7_puffed_food, 80_alcohol, 81_drink, 82_drink, 83_drink, 84_drink, 85_drink, 86_drink, 87_drink, 88_alcohol, 89_alcohol, 8_puffed_food, 90_alcohol, 91_alcohol, 92_alcohol, 93_alcohol, 94_alcohol, 95_alcohol, 96_alcohol, 97_milk, 98_milk, 99_milk, 9_puffed_food


CC BY 4.0