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Object Detection




Apple Asparagus BabySpinach Bacon Banana Peel Banana Peels Beagle Beans Beef Biscuit Black Beans Black Olive Blueberry Bones Bowl Bread Broccoli Burger Califlower Cantaloupe Carrots Carrots & Pea Carrots & Peas Cheese Chicken Chicken Bones Chickpea Chili Chinese Cabbage Chips Chocolate Cake Collard Cookie Corn Corns Cream Crounton Cucumber Cup Dessert Fried Chicken Fried Chicken2 Fried Egg Fried Eggs Fried Rice Fried UnknownA Fried UnknownB FriedCabbage Fries Green Green Bean Green Beans Greens Grits Ground Beef Guacamole Ham Hash brown Hashbrown Ketchup Lettuce Mac & Cheese Mac Cheese Mango Masala Meat UnknownA Meat UnknownB Meat UnknownC Meat UnknownD Meat UnknownE Meat UnknownF Meat UnknownH MeatUnknownG Meatball Mesh UnknownA Meshed Potato Misc Naan Nacho Napkins Noodle Onion Orange Peels Pancake Paper Pasta Peas Pickle Pineapple Pizza Plaate Plastic Plate Pork Pork Loin Pork Steak Potato Cubes Ribs Rice Salad Sauce Sausage Shrimp Stir Silverware Sirloin Soup Soup Unknown Soup UnknownC Sphegetti Spring Roll Sprouts Squash Steak Syrup Toast Tofu Tomato Tomato Soup Unknown D UnknownA UnknownB UnknownC UnknownE UnknownF UnknownG UnknownH UnknownI UnknownJ Vegetable UnknownA Waffle Wings YellowRice Yogurt mango

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