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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Fishery Management and Conservation: Fish Measure can be used by marine biologists and researchers to monitor Pagrus-Pagrus populations, ensuring their sustainability and adherence to fishing regulations. The model can quickly identify and measure the size of the Pagrus-Pagrus species on trays, helping to evaluate whether the catch is within the permissible limits, leading to more effective conservation efforts.

  2. Quality Control in Seafood Processing: The computer vision model can assist in automating quality control checks in seafood processing plants, ensuring that the Pagrus-Pagrus on trays meet size and weight standards. This will aid in maintaining high-quality products for consumers and meeting industry regulations.

  3. Seafood Retail and Restaurants: Fish Measure can be implemented in retail and restaurant businesses to quickly assess the freshness, quality, and correct serving size of the Pagrus-Pagrus species on trays. Customers will benefit from the assurance of high-quality seafood, while businesses can improve inventory management and reduce food waste.

  4. Educational Purposes: The Fish Measure model can be utilized as an interactive educational tool for students or enthusiasts learning about marine life, particularly the Pagrus-Pagrus species. The model can be used as part of interactive exhibits, mobile applications, or virtual reality experiences, augmenting users' understanding of fish identification and size comparison.

  5. Automated Catch Reporting: Fishing vessels can use the Fish Measure model to automatically record and submit catch data to local authorities, helping to ensure accurate reporting and streamlined compliance with fishing regulations. This will assist in better fisheries management, avoiding overfishing and providing real-time data for ecosystem studies.

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Pagrus-Pagrus, Tray

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