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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Quality Inspection in Metal Industry: The model can be employed on manufacturing lines for automatic quality inspection and defect detection in metal objects. It could identify whether the product meets set standards or has any defects, such as inclusoes, mal ligado, or rechupe, increasing efficiency and reducing need for manual involvement.

  2. Predictive Maintenance in Machinery: This model can be utilized for keeping machinery and equipment in optimal working condition by proactively detecting any 'Inclusoes', 'Mal ligado', 'Rechupe' defects. This can aid in avoiding sudden and costly machine breakdowns.

  3. Scrap Metal Recycling: In scrapyards, the Aughmanity_V2.0 model can help to identify and segregate pieces of scrap metal with defects for reprocessing or disposal.

  4. Archaeological Artefact Examination: The model could be employed by archaeologists to scan metal artefacts, detecting any form of degradation or damage such as 'Inclusoes', 'Mal ligado', 'Rechupe'.

  5. Text analysis on Metal Objects: Given that the model can identify text on a metal object, it can be used for automated text extraction and analysis from various objects such as number plates, identifying markers on machinery, engraved signs etc. This could be particularly useful in the automotive industry and machinery component identification.

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Inclusoes, Mal ligado, Rechupe

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