Soccer Players Computer Vision Project

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Soccer (Fùtbol) Match Analysis

FIFA World Cup - Qatar 2022

United States of America (USA) vs. Netherlands (NED) on Dec. 3, 2022

This dataset includes classes for:

  • USA (USA players)
  • NED (NED players)
  • Ball (soccer/fùtbol)
  • Ref (referee)
  • Goalie
  • GOAL (soccer/fùtbol goal)

(video/GIF slowed to help with visualization)
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How to Use this Dataset/Project:

This is a great starter-dataset for anyone wanting to make computer vision models for player-tracking, ball-tracking, or other game/match analytics.

  • If the player-classes are left as USA and NED, then you will be tracking players with labels of USA and NED.
  • If the player-classes are updated to Team1 and Team2 with Modify Classes, then you will be tracking players with labels of Team1 and Team2.
  • If the player-classes are all updated to Player with Modify Classes, then you will be tracking all players on the pitch with labels of Player.

Next Steps/Dataset and Model Improvement:

Try Cloning this project and adding more of your own images or video; images from another project on Roboflow Universe, or a video from YouTube.

UPDATES (12/15/2022):

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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Object Detection




Ball, GOAL, Goalie, NED, Ref, USA, football, player


CC BY 4.0