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Sharks detection

Sharks detection

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Sharks detection Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Marine Wildlife Research: Researchers can use the "Sharks detection" model to identify and classify different species of sharks in various marine ecosystems, aiding in ecological studies or conservation efforts.

  2. Public Safety: Lifeguards or beach management teams can implement the model into surveillance systems to detect sharks near beaches, helping alert swimmers and surfers if a potentially dangerous shark is nearby.

  3. Shark Tourism Management: The model can assist in recognizing and tracking specific species of sharks sighted on shark diving expeditions. This information can ensure tourist safety and enhance their understanding of different shark species.

  4. Media Production: Filmmakers or photographers can apply the detection model in post-production to categorize different sharks in their recordings or photos, especially in wildlife documentary production.

  5. Fishing Industry: Fishermen can incorporate the model to avoid certain shark species while fishing, thereby supporting sustainable fishing practices and reducing unintended shark bycatch.

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