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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Construction Safety: "Sonipat" can be used to monitor and ensure the safe use of ropes and pulleys on construction sites. It will track and flag misuse or signs of potential accidents such as workers using ropes without safety vests.

  2. Industrial Training: This system can be used in training sessions for industries that heavily rely on ropes and pulleys like shipping, construction, and logistics. Trainees can learn best practices demonstrated in different situations recognized and categorized by the model.

  3. Rescue Operations Support: In high-risk environments such as firefighting or search and rescue operations, "Sonipat" can monitor the use of ropes and pulleys, confirming the adherence to safety regulations and identifying potential risks.

  4. Automated Videos Analysis: For industries focused on teaching/learning knot tying or the usage of ropes and pulleys (for instance, survival schools, military trainings, and sailor courses), this system can be used to automatically analyze and categorize a large number of instructional videos.

  5. Inspection and Compliance in Logistics: "Sonipat" can be deployed to inspect and ensure compliance with safety procedures in warehouses and freight companies where the use of ropes and pulleys is frequent. It can flag situations where safety guidelines are violated like handling heavy loads without safety vests.

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