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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Automated Inventory Management: Utilize the "supermarket2" model to conduct regular audits of product availability on supermarket shelves. This automated system could also assist in re-ordering depleted stocks to ensure a certain level of inventory is always maintained.

  2. Real-time Customer Assistance: Design an application that uses this model to help customers identify and locate products within the supermarket by simply showing the product's packaging to the smartphone.

  3. Visual Quality Control: Deploy the model within the supply chain to perform packaging quality checks. The system could identify damaged or incorrectly packaged products and remove them from the production line.

  4. Smart Checkout System: Integrate the model into checkout systems in supermarkets, enabling a cashier-less shopping experience where items are automatically identified and billed when customers exit the shop.

  5. Market Research: Use AI to improve market research by capturing data about buying behaviour, detecting what products are frequently bought together, and analyzing trends in product popularity. This data can be used to optimize product placement or manage marketing strategies for various supermarket brands.

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