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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Plant Identification and Curation: Puri4 can be used by botanists, horticulturists, and plant enthusiasts to automatically identify various plant species, understand their growth patterns, and create digital catalogs of plants in personal or professional botanical collections.

  2. Agricultural Management and Pest Control: Puri4 can help farmers and gardeners identify and monitor plants affected by mildew and other diseases. Its ability to recognize disease patterns can assist in implementing targeted treatments to protect and maintain a healthy crop.

  3. Smart Gardening Applications: Puri4 can be integrated into smart gardening apps, providing users with real-time plant identification, care tips, and reminders. This can help amateur and experienced gardeners maintain their plants optimally and prevent potential issues.

  4. Environmental Research and Conservation: Researchers can use Puri4 to monitor plant populations, track species diversity, and assess ecosystem health in various environments. This can provide valuable data for making informed decisions about ecological preservation and restoration efforts.

  5. Educational Purposes: Puri4 can be used as a teaching tool to help students learn about plant species, their characteristics, and their role in the environment. Interactive learning experiences can be designed by integrating the model with educational materials, applications, or games.

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Anthurium, Consolea rubescens, Crown of Thorns, Dieffenbachia, Hydrangea, Monstera, Oxalis, \, marimo, mildew, rose-normal, rose_D04, rose_P01, rose_R02, stuckyi, zamiifolia

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