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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Distracted Driving Detection System: The "Safe Driving KOE" model can be integrated into cars to alert drivers when they are engaging in dangerous behaviors, such as texting, reaching behind, or talking excessively with passengers, thus potentially reducing car accidents caused by distracted driving.

  2. Driver Monitoring in Commercial Fleets: Transportation companies could use this model to monitor their drivers' behavior during their shifts. This could enable the company to generate alerts when drivers engage in unsafe behaviors, like talking on the telephone, drinking, or smoking, ensuring the safety of their employees and goods.

  3. Insurance Companies: Usage-based insurance firms can integrate the model into their policyholders' vehicles. If the system detects ongoing distracted driving behaviors such as using the radio excessively, insurance rates might be adjusted accordingly, promoting safer driving behavior and fair insurance premiums.

  4. Driver Education and Training: Diving schools and instructors can use this computer vision model as a training tool to show learners real-time feedback about their driving habits. This could help in reinforcing good driving habits and correcting potentially unsafe behaviors immediately.

  5. Law enforcement: The model could be incorporated into traffic cameras or police car dash cams. If the system detects a driver exhibiting potentially dangerous behaviors (texting, drinking, etc.), they could be automatically alerted, allowing for quicker reaction time and potentially preventing accidents.

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