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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Waste Management and Recycling: The "d082201006" computer vision model can be employed in waste sorting facilities to accurately identify and separate different types of waste based on their classification (Bersih, Basah, Basah Berserabut, Berserabut). The system can help improve waste management efficiency and ensure proper waste disposal methods by rapidly and accurately sorting various materials, such as the example of coconut shells.

  2. Agricultural Waste Monitoring: The model can be used in agriculture and plantation industries to monitor waste generated through various farming processes. By identifying different waste types, farmers can optimize the reuse or recycling of specific waste products and aim to create a sustainable ecosystem within their farm.

  3. Food Industry & Processing: The "d082201006" model can be utilized in food processing units and factories to identify the cleanliness and moisture content of various food items. This can enable an automated quality control system that optimizes food safety and ensures high product quality.

  4. Environmental Monitoring: The model can be implemented in environmental monitoring systems to assess and categorize different natural waste materials. By efficiently identifying the waste materials and their condition, researchers and policymakers can make informed decisions on addressing pollution & waste issues and developing targeted remediation strategies.

  5. Smart Cities & Urban Planning: The "d082201006" computer vision model can be integrated into smart city infrastructure to monitor and analyze waste generation and management in urban areas. By detecting different waste classes and mapping them across the city, urban planners can better understand waste-related challenges and develop targeted waste disposal strategies to maintain cleaner and healthier urban environments.

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Basah, Basah Berserabut, Berserabut, Bersih

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