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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Port Automation: The "PSI Rossville" model can be used to automate the identification of different types of vessels, trucks, and cargo situations, such as loaded or unloaded trucks, in port environments. This could facilitate better operational efficiency and more effective resource management.

  2. Security Surveillance: The model could work perfectly in security systems for detecting and categorizing objects and activities within a specific zone, such as a loading/unloading area or a port. This would ensure more effective surveillance and quicker anomaly detection, potentially preventing theft or other incidents.

  3. Traffic Management: Authorities or private companies could use this model to monitor and analyze traffic situations involving trucks and semi-trailers, support traffic control measures, and optimize route planning.

  4. Warehouse Management: Warehouses can use this model to automate the inventory process and monitor the loading and unloading of goods. This could improve warehouse logistics and efficiency.

  5. Safety Compliance: The model could be used for ensuring that safety protocols are being followed, detecting instances where loading or unloading operations are being performed without the presence of service personnel, which could indicate potential safety violations.

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