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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Medical Research: This model can be used in medical and scientific research, especially in genetics and embryology, to identify and analyze cell defects such as umbilical defects, allowing scientists to uncover their causes, impacts, and potential treatments.

  2. Clinical Diagnosis: Medical professionals can use the Cell Defects model to accurately diagnose specific cell irregularities, therefore enabling early intervention and appropriate treatments.

  3. Pharmaceutical Development: This model can be employed in the development and testing of new drugs, specifically those targeting cell repair and genetic correction. By identifying cell defects, scientists can test how effective a drug is at rectifying these defects.

  4. Veterinary Medicine: ‘Cell Defects’ model can also be used in veterinary medicine to diagnose cell defects in animals, enabling suitable treatment and better animal healthcare.

  5. Pre-emptive Screening: The model could be used for pre-emptive screening of cell defects in high-risk population groups, helping to anticipate health issues before they fully develop or escalate.

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