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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Recycling Sorting: This model could be used in waste sorting facilities to automatically identify and sort these specific Korean snacks packaging for recycling or proper waste disposal.

  2. Retail Stock Management: Retailers may use this model to identify these specific products on shelves for stock management, recognizing when supplies are low or out of stock and need to be restocked.

  3. Consumer Habits Study: Researchers could use this model to analyze trash collected from specific areas in order to study consumer eating habits and brand preferences, finding out the consumption pattern of these specific snacks among different demographics.

  4. Environmental Impact Study: Environmental researchers could use this model to identify these specific products in waste materials to study their environmental impact, like how often they are discarded improperly or how well they are being recycled.

  5. Clean Up Initiatives: In clean up initiatives, volunteers can use this model to identify these specific products in environment (like parks, beaches), which can help them in not only cleaning the area but also collect data about waste distribution of specific products.

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꼬깔콘고소한맛72G 농심매운새우깡90G 농심바나나킥75G 농심오징어집83G 롯데)자일리톨베타비타D용기86G 크라운)콘초66G 해태포키블루베리41G