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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Agriculture Farm Management: Farmers can use this model to monitor their fields and quickly detect harmful animals that could potentially damage their crops or threaten livestock, thus implementing appropriate measures to prevent any harm. Keywords: Agriculture, Livestock Management, Crop Protection, Pest Detection

  2. Wildlife Conservation: The model can help identify invasive species in protected wildlife areas or national parks, providing useful data for conservation efforts. Keywords: Wildlife Conservation, Invasive Species Detection, Animal Tracking, Biodiversity

  3. Veterinary Research: Veterinarians or animal scientists may use this model to study the behavior of different animal classes in a specific environment, contributing to research on animal behavior. Keywords: Veterinary Research, Animal Behavior, Field Study.

  4. Smart Hunting: Hunters can use this model for ethical hunting practices, ensuring they target only specific species during hunting seasons and protect endangered or non-hunting animals. Keywords: Ethical Hunting, Species Identification, Hunting Season, Wildlife Protection.

  5. Public Safety Monitoring: Local authorities in rural or semi-rural areas can use the model to identify potentially dangerous or harmful animals in public spaces like parks, to ensure the safety of the public. Keywords: Public safety, Animal sighting, Public Parks, Community Surveillance.

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0 1 98 Buffalo Chicken Deer Drinking Eating Elephant Goat Human Investigating Lying Monkey Moutend No comedouro Roe deer Sleeping Walking aktif cow deers ele-cross elephant elk monkey-1 no_mask non aktif pig piglet waterdeer

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