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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Beekeeping Surveillance: The model could be used in an application for backyard beekeepers or commercial bee farming operations to help monitor their hives for hornet invasions, given prompt alerts when a hornet is detected to prevent loss of bees and disruption.

  2. Species Research: The tool could be used in scientific research to differentiate between these insect species for conservation efforts, understanding behavioral patterns, or studying biodiversity in different regions.

  3. Pest Control: Companies providing pest control services could use the model to identify whether an infestation consists of hornets or bees, helping them decide treatment plans more effectively.

  4. Agricultural Applications: Farmers and gardeners could use this technology to protect their crops and gardens from hornets while promoting a healthy environment for the pollinating bees.

  5. Educational Tools: The model could be integrated into educational software or mobile apps to help students and lifelong learners understand and identify the differences between bees and hornets visually.

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