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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. "Recycling Assistance": This computer vision model could easily be integrated into a recycling system to automatically separate plastic bottles from other waste types, improving the efficiency and accuracy of recycling centers.

  2. "Environment Monitoring": Organizations that conduct beach or outdoor clean-ups could use the model to scan areas for plastic waste, helping them to target and prioritize their cleaning efforts.

  3. "Smart Waste Management": The model could be used in smart waste bins to identify plastic bottles and either compact them separately for easier transport or provide feedback to users about their recycling habits.

  4. "Retail Management": In retail environments, the model could be used to monitor stock levels of products in plastic bottles, trigger restocking alerts, or track customer purchase patterns for inventory forecasting.

  5. "Packaging Technology Development": Companies developing innovative packaging solutions could use the model to study the prevalence and use of plastic bottles in different environments, informing their design and marketing strategies.

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