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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Inventory Management: This computer vision model can be used in retail stores, warehouses, or storerooms to track assets. Automated tracking of cigarettes, phones, or glasses on shelf locations can help to monitor stock levels, check outs, and returns, thereby improving inventory management accuracy.

  2. Recycling Centers: The model can be implemented in waste management and recycling industries to sort waste objects accurately. It can differentiate between cigarettes, phones, bottles, glasses and other objects, optimizing recycling processes and promoting environmental sustainability.

  3. Security Measures: The "internal" model can be part of a surveillance system, identifying when specific objects like phones or cigarettes are used in no-smoking zones or secure areas where phone usage is restricted.

  4. Urban Planning Insights: The model could be applied in studying people's behavior in public places to gain insights for urban planning. Images from public surveillance cameras can be analyzed to track objects usage patterns.

  5. Home Automation: Integrated with a smart home system, the model can help identify and locate required items like glasses, phones, or bottles, assisting people, especially those with vision impairments or mobility challenges.

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