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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Warehouse Automation: The Three OD model can be used in facilitating warehouse automation processes such as identifying tools and their locations for better inventories and automated picking.

  2. Quality Control in Production Lines: Factories manufacturing equipment like drills, multimeters, cable reels and grinders can deploy this model to ensure that the correct equipment is packed in its designated box, preventing possible quality control issues.

  3. Online Retail: E-commerce platforms can use this model to automatically tag and categorize product images for easy product identification and enhanced shopping experience.

  4. Construction Site Management: The model can be used to track and monitor the usage of tools such as drills, multimeters, etc. in construction sites, ensuring easy and real-time tracking of inventory and optimizing tool use.

  5. Safety Compliance: In environments where safety rules dictate the presence or absence of certain tools (like grinders), this model can provide real-time monitoring, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

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Object Detection




Cable Reel, Drill, Grinder, Multimeter

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