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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Utility Companies Use Case: Utility companies such as electricity, gas, and water can utilize the model to automatically read customers' utility meters remotely. This can significantly speed up the process, decrease human errors and can allow much more frequent reads leading to real-time usage data.

  2. Environmental Monitoring Use Case: Environmental agencies can use this computer vision model to monitor various types of meters, such as air and water quality meters, without human interference. As a result, they can gather consistent data to track environmental changes over time.

  3. Manufacturing Processes Use Case: This model can be used to monitor the gauges and meters on a production line. For example, pressure, temperature, or metering the amounts of materials used/acquired. This can facilitate keeping the processes within safe and efficient operating parameters.

  4. Labolatory Experimentation Use Case: In research labs, experiments might have multiple meters and gauges monitoring various aspects of the experiment. This model could be used to continuously monitor these meters, record data, and alert if any measurements cross predetermined thresholds.

  5. Industrial Safety Use Case: Heavy industries such as oil and gas, mining have numerous types of meters across their facilities. By using this model, they can monitor all these meters remotely, helping ensure safety parameters are always maintained, and potential issues are detected early.

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