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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. E-commerce Recommendation Systems: The fashion_yolo_prism model can be used by e-commerce platforms to categorize every uploaded picture of clothes into particular classes based on color and style. This functionality allows for personalized recommendations to customers based on previous purchases or browsing history.

  2. Warehouse Automation Companies: Companies that automate warehouse operations could use this model to sort items based on their classes. It allows for easy identification of clothing items, making the inventory process smoother and quicker.

  3. Personalized Clothing Apps: Developers can incorporate this model into apps that assist customers with organizing their wardrobes or creating outfits. It helps in identifying the color and type of clothes for effective organization and clothing pair suggestions.

  4. Retail Theft Prevention: Retail stores can use this model in their surveillance systems to identify specific pieces of clothing. It can help identify when an item is moved or taken from the store, thus reducing theft.

  5. Augmented Reality Shopping: AR applications can leverage this model to allow users to virtually "try on" clothes. By recognizing the type of clothing, users can see how different styles and colors will look on them without physically visiting the store.

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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' Blouse_black&white Blouse_deep Blouse_pastel Cardigan_black&white Cardigan_deep Cardigan_pastel Cardigan_pastern Cardigan_pattern Cardigan_vivid Denim-pants_black&white Denim-pants_deep Denim-pants_pastel Denim-pants_pattern Denim-pants_vivid Hoodie_black&white Hoodie_deep Hoodie_pastel Hoodie_vivid Long-skirt_black&white Long-skirt_deep Long-sleeves_black&white Long-sleeves_deep Long-sleeves_pastel Long-sleeves_pattern Long-sleeves_vivid Midi-skirts_black&white Midi-skirts_deep Midi-skirts_pastel Midi-skirts_vivid Mini-skirts_deep One-piece_black&white One-piece_deep One-piece_pastel One-piece_vivid Pk-shirts_black&white Pk-shirts_deep Pk-shirts_pastel Pk-shirts_pattern Pk-shirts_vivid Shirts-pastel Shirts_black&white Shirts_deep Shirts_pastel Shirts_pattern Shirts_vivid Short-skirt_black&white Short-skirt_deep Short-skirt_pattern Short-sleeves_black&white Short-sleeves_deep Short-sleeves_pastel Short-sleeves_pattern Short-sleeves_vivid Shorts_black&white Shorts_deep Shorts_pastel Shorts_pattern Shorts_vivid Slacks_black&white Slacks_deep Slacks_pastel Slacks_pattern Slacks_vivid Sleeveless_black&white Sleeveless_deep Sleeveless_pastel Sleeveless_pattern Sleeveless_vivid Slim-pants_black&white Slim-pants_deep Slim-pants_pastel Slim-pants_pattern Slim-pants_vivid Straight-pants_black&white Straight-pants_deep Straight-pants_pastel Straight-pants_vivid Sweatpants_black&white Sweatshirt_black&white Sweatshirt_deep Sweatshirt_pastel Sweatshirt_pattern Sweatshirt_vivid T-shirts_black&white Training-pants_black&white Training-pants_deep Training-pants_pastel Training-pants_pattern Training-pants_vivid

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