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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Wildlife Research: This computer vision model can be of great value to wildlife researchers and biologists studying Penguin behavior, their diet, and interaction with the ecosystem. They can use it for classifying images or live footage into these classes (Fish, Penguin, Bubble), saving a significant amount of manual effort.

  2. Education and Learning: Educational institutions, zoos, or aquariums could use the model in interactive exhibits about penguins. Visitors can use a touchscreen interface to click on an image and learn whether it's a penguin, fish, or a bubble in a highly interactive manner.

  3. Nature Documentary Production: Documentarians can implement this model during post-production to accurately identify and caption footage of Penguins, the fish they eat, and possibly even bubbles created during their activities.

  4. Ecotourism Application: For an ecotourism app, the model can help identify whether tourists are looking at penguins, fish, or bubbles in real-time to enhance their Antarctic adventure experience.

  5. Fishery Management: Fisheries may use the model in surveillance systems to monitor penguin interaction with fish stocks. If an increase in 'fish' identifications occurs alongside penguin identifications, it could indicate a higher penguin presence and potential risk to the fish population which can lead to better fishery management decisions.

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