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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Agricultural Health Monitoring: The model could be used in smart farming solutions to monitor the health of crops and early identification of leaf diseases. This will help farmers take immediate action, limiting crop damage and increasing yield.

  2. Botanical Research Studies: Researchers studying plants can utilize the model to quickly identify disease patterns across different plant specimens. This can help in creating a comprehensive botanical disease library, and contribute to developing effective treatment methods.

  3. Environmental Studies: Scientists studying environmental impacts on plants can use this model to monitor and document diseases related to certain environmental conditions. This could aid in studies on climate change and its effects on plant life.

  4. Gardening Applications: A gardening app could use this model to provide advice to users on plant care. The app could identify if their plants are suffering from a disease and offer troubleshooting methods or treatment advice.

  5. Pest Control Applications: This model could be used in pest control solutions to identify plant diseases commonly caused by pests. The data could then be used to develop pest treatment and prevention strategies for maintaining plant health.

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Pest Detector

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Object Detection




., blackaphids, leafminer, leafspot, scales

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