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Object Detection

OpenImages-traffic Computer Vision Project

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Paul Bozan

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6 months ago

Project Type

Object Detection


Persons, Cars


Auto part Bicycle Bicycle helmet Bicycle wheel Boat Book Boot Bronze sculpture Building Bus Car Cart Cello Chair Clothing Desk Dog Door Drink Drum Elephant Fashion accessory Fast food Fedora Flag Football Footwear Girl Glasses Glove Goggles Golf cart Guitar Handgun Helmet Hiking equipment Horse House Human arm Human body Human eye Human face Human hair Human hand Human head Human leg Human mouth Human nose Jacket Jeans Land vehicle Mammal Man Marine mammal Microphone Mobile phone Motorcycle Musical instrument Office building Palm tree Person Plant Porch Rhinoceros Roller skates Scarf Sculpture Segway Shirt Skateboard Skyscraper Snack Street light Suit Sunglasses Surfboard Swimwear Table Taxi Tent Tie Tire Tower Toy Traffic sign Tree Trousers Truck Van Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Violin Weapon Wheel Window Woman

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