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Object Detection

Deteccion_de_Pencas Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Crop Management: This model can be used by farmers or agriculturists to identify different stages of Nopales cactus growth and manage their crops more effectively. They can recognize when the plant is producing Tunarotation (fruit), Florrotation (flower), or is in the Nopalrotation or Pencarotation (leaf) stage.

  2. Botanical Research: Researchers studying the Nopales cactus or similar species can use this model to aid their examination of plant life cycles, biodiversity, and morphological changes.

  3. Automated Harvesting: Harvesting machines can use this model to identify the optimal time for picking Tuna (the fruit of the Nopales cactus), ensuring that the fruit is collected when it is perfectly ripe.

  4. Ecological Monitoring: Environmental agencies can use this model to monitor and track the health and proliferation of Nopales cacti in a certain area, assisting in efforts to maintain biodiversity and monitor climate change effects.

  5. Educational Applications: The model can be integrated into interactive learning tools or mobile apps to teach students or enthusiasts about the lifecycle of Nopales cacti, the importance of different plant parts, and their roles in the plant's growth and reproduction.

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Object Detection




Florrotation, Nopalrotation, Pencarotation, Tunarotation

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