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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Waste Sorting Automation: The "Trash" computer vision model can be instrumental in the automation of waste sorting facilities. By identifying categories of trash, the model can aid in the segregation of non-biodegradable materials (plastic, metal, bottle), biodegradable materials (bread, banana peel, chicken bone), and other waste materials for effective recycling procedures.

  2. Public Awareness Campaigns: Government bodies or Environmental organizations can use the model in public campaigns centered around waste management. They could create an app that educates users on proper waste separation, using the model to recognize and categorize different types of waste.

  3. Cleanliness Maintenance in Public Spaces: The model can be used in creating smart solutions to monitor public places like parks, streets, or beaches. It can identify trash items in real-time through cameras, helping authorities to pinpoint litter problem areas and take immediate cleaning action.

  4. Sustainability in Businesses: Companies looking to enhance their CSR efforts can integrate this model into their waste management strategies. For example, a food service company could use it to identify and analyze waste production at their facilities, helping them to optimize processes and reduce waste.

  5. Educational Purposes: The model can be used in schools and educational institutions to teach students about waste segregation and management. By using an interactive approach, students can learn to identify and segregate waste, fostering an early consciousness towards environmental sustainability.

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