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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Industrial Automation: The model could be used in an assembly line to identify and categorize objects placed on a conveyor. This could be used to sort the items into specific boxes or for quality control purposes.

  2. Logistics & Inventory Management: The system could be deployed in warehouses to identify and count items being moved on conveyors for real-time inventory tracking and management. It can also help in organizing and sorting packages in the storage area.

  3. Recycling Management: This model could be used in recycling facilities where it can differentiate between different types of materials on a conveyor, directing them into correct boxes for effective waste management.

  4. Food Processing Industry: It could be used to spot and separate defective or poor-quality food items, as they move on a conveyor belt, ensuring only good quality produces are packed in boxes for distribution.

  5. E-Commerce Industry: The model can be used to automate the packaging process. Based on the items identified on the conveyor belt, the system could command the packaging machinery to use appropriately sized boxes, improving speed, and efficiency while reducing waste.

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