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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Smart Gardening Assistance: "Garden care OP" can be used in combination with an app or IoT devices to analyze gardens and provide tailored recommendations to garden owners. The model can suggest actions like cleaning the garden if it identifies "filthy" conditions or adding more plants if it's "lonely." It can also provide tips on maintaining a beautiful, "glorious" appearance or how to make the garden more "luring" for visitors and wildlife.

  2. Public Park Maintenance: City planners and park managers can use "Garden care OP" to monitor the conditions of public parks and gardens. The computer vision model can help prioritize maintenance tasks by identifying locations with specific Modes-of-care classes that need urgent attention. This can optimize the allocation of resources and improve overall park health.

  3. Landscape Design Evaluation: Landscape architects and garden designers can use "Garden care OP" to assess their designs' effectiveness in real-world conditions. By analyzing images of their garden designs, they can understand how well they've achieved the intended Modes-of-care classes and make adjustments to future projects accordingly.

  4. Gardening Education: "Garden care OP" can serve as a valuable educational tool in gardening workshops and classes. Students can take photos of their gardens and use the model to learn firsthand about the different Modes-of-care classes, including how they can improve the overall appearance and functionality of their gardens.

  5. Real Estate Marketing: Real estate agents can use "Garden care OP" to analyze the garden conditions of properties they are trying to sell or rent. By showcasing the positive Modes-of-care classes (e.g., "glorious" or "luring"), they can improve the visual appeal and attraction of those properties for potential clients.

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