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Persian_LicensePlate_OCR Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Parking Management: The Persian_LicensePlate_OCR model could be used in automated parking systems in Iran to identify and register vehicles entering and exiting, thereby improving the efficiency and security of parking lots.

  2. Traffic Law Enforcement: Authorities can use the model to automate the process of identifying vehicles that breach traffic rules (such as speeding or illegal parking), making it easier to issue fines and penalties based on license plate numbers.

  3. Toll Collection & Road Pricing Systems: This model could be used for automating toll collections in highways or bridges by identifying the vehicle license plate instead of manual ticketing, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing traffic congestion at toll booths.

  4. Vehicle Tracking in Surveillance Footage: Security companies or law enforcement agencies could use the model to help automate the process of tracking particular vehicles across numerous surveillance cameras in real time.

  5. Automatic Vehicle Registration Verification: The model could be used by insurance companies, car rental services, and automobile dealerships to automatically verify vehicle information against provided Persian license plate numbers.

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