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Food Detection

Object Detection

Food Detection Computer Vision Project

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Object Detection




Sotteok Sotteok apple baekkimchi baked fish bean sprouts soup beef brisket bibimbap black rice bread budaejjigae bulgogi cabbage green cabbage kimchi cheonggukjang chicken chonggak kimchi chopped pork chopped roast chicken clam curry doenjang soup dotorimuk dried pollack soup dried radish greens soup duck dumpling eel egg drop soup fish cutlet fried rice fried tofu soup friedchicken fruit juice fruit salad grape green onion salad gyeranmari jangjorim japchae jeon jjolmyeon junbyeong kimchi stew kiwi kkakdugi korean melon laver lettuce macaroni salad meatball melon mumallaengi muchim naengmyeon noodle oden other brown soup other green vegetables other red soup other rice other whie other white soup other white vegetables pickle pickled radish plum pork cutlet potato radish vegetables red-haemultang rib rice cake ripe persimmon saengseon jorim salted sea food samgyetang sausage scrambled eggs sea mustard soup seasoned cucumber seasoned mung bean jelly salad shirimp steamed egges stir fried Squid stir-fried anchovies stir-fried spicy pork strawberry suyuk takoyaki tangerine tempura tofu tomato tray turmeric rice vegetable vegetable salad watermelon white rice white-haemultang yogurt young radish kimchi yukgaejang

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