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Car plate detection

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Car plate detection Computer Vision Project

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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Traffic Management Systems: The "Car Plate Detection" model can be utilized to manage traffic in cities by identifying the make and model of the cars passing through.

  2. Automated Parking Systems: This model could be applied for vehicles entering or leaving a parking lot, helping in maintaining a record of cars utilizing the parking facility.

  3. Security Surveillance: For security purposes, it can be used to identify specific models of cars in areas with high security like airports, government buildings, etc.

  4. Auto Repair Shops: Auto repair shops can use it to automatically register the type of cars coming in for maintenance or repairs, hence improving efficiency in service provision.

  5. Market Research: Automobile manufacturers and marketers could use such a model to get an idea of the range and number of different car models in a certain area, aiding in market analysis and planning.

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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Audi, BAIC MOTOR, Chrysler, Citroen, Dacia, Dongfeng Motor, GMC, Genesis, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, King Long, Maxus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, RAM, Renault, Saab, Toyota, Volkswagen, Wuling, acura, bentley, bmw, buick, cadillac, che, chevrolet, dodge, fiat, ford, fordmustang, geely, hondaa, jaguar, jeep, kia, land, lexus, lincoln, mini, opel, porsche, range rover, seat, skoda, stratus, subaru, suzuki, tesla, unknow, volvo

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