YoloV8 Segmentation

Object Detection

Roboflow Universe NSIT YoloV8 Segmentation

YoloV8 Segmentation Computer Vision Project


1738 images
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Object Detection



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CC BY 4.0


Cycle Zone Danger Ahead Deer Zone End of Right Road -Go straight- Give Way Go Left or Straight Go Right or Straight Go Straight Huddle Road Left Curve Ahead Left Sharp Curve No Entry No Over Taking No Over Taking Trucks No Stopping No Waiting Pedestrian Right Curve Ahead Right Sharp Curve Road Work RoundAbout Slippery Road Snow Warning Sign Speed Limit 100 Speed Limit 120 Speed Limit 20 Speed Limit 30 Speed Limit 50 Speed Limit 60 Speed Limit 70 Speed Limit 80 Stop Traffic Signals Ahead Truck Sign Turn Left Turn Right