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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Urban Planning: This model could be used by urban planners or civil engineers to analyze the properties in a given area. They can tag properties based on their features (for example, with or without parking, yard, fences, etc.) and conduct spatial analysis for further urban development plans.

  2. Real Estate Web Platform: A web platform for housing and real estate could use the model to enrich its property database by auto-identifying and tagging different features of the property in the images uploaded by users.

  3. Security Analysis: The model can be utilized by security companies to evaluate the security measures taken at different properties. The analysis of CCTVs, fences, and other relevant items can help in assessing the vulnerability or strength of security in an area, aiding risk management.

  4. Augmented Reality Gaming: The model can be used in the creation of augmented reality games, where the game mechanics involve interactions with real-world properties and objects. For example, a game that involves hunting or interacting with 'ghosthouses', assessing real car models, or other property features.

  5. Cultural Study: Researchers studying cultural landscapes could use this model to study the distribution of shrines or other culturally significant properties in specific regions. This can provide insights into socio-cultural trends and beliefs in different areas.

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