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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Billiard Training App: The model can power a mobile or web-based application that helps beginners learn billiards' rules and strategies. It identifies balls, automatically explains which ball they should target next, and suggests the best angles for shots.

  2. Automated Scoring in Pool Games: The model can be implemented into a billiard table's overhead camera system to track the game's progression. It would dynamically identify the balls and note when they are pocketed, keeping an accurate score and providing real-time updates.

  3. Pool Billiard Game Analysis: The model can be used for post-match analysis of pool billiards games by tagging each ball and their interactions during play. It would be helpful for professional players and coaches to strategize and improve their game techniques.

  4. Mixed Reality Pool Billiards: In a mixed reality game environment, where players use physical cues to hit virtual balls on a real table, this computer vision model could accurately distinguish and process ObjectBall-TargetBall classes, enhancing the gaming experience.

  5. Dispute Resolution in Pool: The model could be applied in complex pool games where a referee might need assistance in making tough decisions. The AI could determine the order of balls hit, whether the cue ball contacted the correct object ball first, or if a foul was committed, thus providing unbiased decision-making support.

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