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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Agriculture Monitoring and Assessment: This computer vision model could be used in smart agriculture to monitor fruit yields and maturity. Farmers could use drones or fixed cameras to take overhead pictures of their fields, which the model could then analyse to count and classify the types of fruits.

  2. Smart Retail Inventory Management: Retailers, particularly in grocery stores, could use the model for automatic inventory tracking. Cameras installed in the storage or retail display area could monitor stock levels and update inventory in real-time.

  3. Food Sorting and Quality Inspection: The model could be used in fruit processing industries for automated sorting and quality control, identifying and categorizing fruits by types and potentially their ripeness or quality based on visual attributes.

  4. Educational Tools: An application equipped with this computer vision model could aid students in learning different types of fruits. For example, a student could point their device camera at a fruit and the app could identify it, helping students learn on the go in a much more interactive manner.

  5. Diet Tracking Apps: The model could be incorporated into nutrition and diet tracking apps whereby users could just snap photos of their meals and the app would identify the fruits present, eliminating the need for manual entry and making the process more convenient and accurate.

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