Weeds among cotton

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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Precision Agriculture: The model can be integrated into drones, robots, or IoT devices in the field to identify and map the spread of various weed types within the cotton field. This will allow farmers to tackle the problem area by area, reducing the overall use of herbicides and cost, and increase the cotton yield.

  2. Weed Management Research: Botanists and agricultural researchers can use the model to study the growth patterns and behavior of specific weed types such as Blackpig Weed and Nut Grass in cotton farms. The insight gained can be used to develop improved weed control strategies.

  3. Agriculture Education Tool: It can be used in an e-learning platform for students studying agriculture, botany or related fields. Through this, students can learn to identify different types of weeds in cotton farms in a more interactive manner.

  4. Development of Herbicides: Agrichemical companies can leverage the model to test the effectiveness of their developed herbicides. The system can identify the type of weed and measure its prevalence before and after spraying the herbicide, providing quantitative data on herbicide performance.

  5. Sustainable Farming Advisory: The model can be used by sustainable farming consultants or advisors to provide a more informed suggestion in managing weed infestation in organic cotton farming, where the use of chemical herbicides is limited or completely prohibited.

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Blackpig Weed Cotton Nut Grass

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