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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS): Integrate the "Tail_light_and_brake_state" model to enhance the capabilities of ADAS in vehicles, improving driver safety by detecting other vehicles' braking status, allowing the system to provide more timely alerts or automatically adjust the vehicle's speed.

  2. Traffic monitoring and analysis: Utilize the model in traffic cameras to assess and map real-time braking behaviors, resulting in valuable data for improving city infrastructure, managing traffic flow, and reducing congestion.

  3. Accident prevention and investigation: Incorporate the model into dashcams for both personal and commercial vehicles, enabling the devices to detect potential hazards earlier and provide drivers with an additional layer of security. Additionally, the data can be used for post-accident analysis and liability determination.

  4. Autonomous vehicles: Enhance the perception capabilities of self-driving cars by leveraging the "Tail_light_and_brake_state" model to better understand the actions of other vehicles on the road, ensuring a safer driving experience in complex traffic situations.

  5. Driver training and evaluation: Integrate the model into driving simulators or training applications to teach new drivers how to properly react to various braking scenarios, providing instant constructive feedback to improve performance and promote safe driving practices.

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