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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Dental Diagnostic Aid: Use the "test" computer vision model as a diagnostic tool for dentists and oral surgeons to automatically identify and classify dental problems such as cavities, infections, and the need for root canal treatments through the analysis of dental x-ray images.

  2. Dental Treatment Planning: Assist dentists in creating more accurate and efficient treatment plans by using the model to analyze the types and extent of dental fillings, RCTs (root canal treatments), and implants in patients' x-ray images.

  3. Dental Education: Integrate the "test" model into educational resources and training materials for dental students and professionals, enhancing the learning process with automatic identification and classification of dental issues in x-ray images.

  4. Dental Insurance Claims Processing: Streamline the dental insurance claims process by automatically identifying and classifying treatments such as RCTs and dental fillings in x-ray images, helping to improve the accuracy and efficiency of claim evaluations.

  5. Dental Research and Development: Use the "test" model as a tool for analyzing large datasets of dental x-ray images in studies aimed at understanding correlations between dental treatments and oral health outcomes or to optimize dental materials and techniques for fillings and RCTs.

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