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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Architectural Design Analysis: Autoarki can be used by architects and designers to analyze and evaluate architectural drawings, identifying possible design errors or inconsistencies, such as missing walls, illegible text, or column-wall intersections. By spotting these issues early, professionals can improve design quality, save time, and reduce overall project costs.

  2. Construction Site Monitoring: The autoarki model can be employed to assist construction managers in monitoring site progress and comparing actual construction work against original designs. By identifying discrepancies like floating doors, no stair direction, or inadequate hinge clearance, corrective actions can be taken promptly to prevent potential delays or additional expenses.

  3. Building Inspection and Compliance: Regulatory agencies and building inspectors can use autoarki to ensure the compliance of construction projects with building codes and regulations. The model can identify specific areas that may not meet requirements, such as incorrect column-wall intersections or missing walls, helping to prevent violations and potential safety hazards.

  4. Accessibility and Safety Assessment: Autoarki can be utilized by accessibility consultants and safety engineers to evaluate building designs for compliance with accessibility and safety standards. Issues like missing walls, no stair direction, or insufficient hinge clearance can be flagged, allowing for the implementation of suitable modifications to enhance the overall safety and usability of a space.

  5. Virtual Reality Simulation: Developers working on virtual and augmented reality platforms can apply the autoarki model to improve the accuracy and realism of their virtual environments. By identifying and correcting design errors (like floating doors, illegible text, or missing walls) in the initial stages, they can create more immersive and functional simulations for a variety of applications, such as architectural visualization, virtual tours, or training programs.

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Column_Wall_Intersection, cmu_hinge_clearance, floating_door, illegibletext, missing_wall, no_stair_direction

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