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adho mukha svanasana adho mukha vriksasana agnistambhasana ananda balasana anantasana anjaneyasana ardha bhekasana ardha chandrasana ardha matsyendrasana ardha pincha mayurasana ardha uttanasana ashtanga namaskara astavakrasana baddha konasana bakasana balasana bhairavasana bharadvajasana i bhekasana bhujangasana bhujapidasana bitilasana camatkarasana chakravakasana chaturanga dandasana dandasana dhanurasana durvasasana dwi pada viparita dandasana eka pada koundinyanasana i eka pada koundinyanasana ii eka pada rajakapotasana eka pada rajakapotasana ii ganda bherundasana garbha pindasana garudasana gomukhasana halasana hanumanasana janu sirsasana kapotasana krounchasana kurmasana lolasana makara adho mukha svanasana makarasana malasana marichyasana i marichyasana iii marjaryasana matsyasana mayurasana natarajasana padangusthasana padmasana parighasana paripurna navasana parivrtta janu sirsasana parivrtta parsvakonasana parivrtta trikonasana parsva bakasana parsvottanasana pasasana paschimottanasana phalakasana pincha mayurasana prasarita padottanasana purvottanasana salabhasana salamba bhujangasana salamba sarvangasana salamba sirsasana savasana setu bandha sarvangasana simhasana sukhasana supta baddha konasana supta matsyendrasana supta padangusthasana supta virasana tadasana tittibhasana tolasana tulasana upavistha konasana urdhva dhanurasana urdhva hastasana urdhva mukha svanasana urdhva prasarita eka padasana ustrasana utkatasana uttana shishosana uttanasana utthita ashwa sanchalanasana utthita hasta padangustasana utthita parsvakonasana utthita trikonasana vajrasana vasisthasana viparita karani virabhadrasana i virabhadrasana ii virabhadrasana iii virasana vriksasana vrischikasana yoganidrasana
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