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DOH Manual Dataset V3 Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Waste Management: This computer vision model can be used in waste management companies' systems for real-time automated sorting of waste into different DOH classification categories. It enhances recycling rates by ensuring accurate waste categorization and reduces human labor cost.

  2. Healthcare Sector: The model can be used in hospitals and healthcare facilities to categorize medical waste more efficiently. This includes waste products like gloves, face masks etc. Proper segregation can ensure safe disposal and recycling, thereby reducing environmental impact.

  3. Supermarket Application: This model would aid supermarkets and grocery stores in inventory management. It can identify unwanted or out-of-date fruit, vegetables, meat, or pastry effectively to reduce food wastage.

  4. Environmental Studies: Researchers can apply this model to examine the amount and types of waste in different environments for analysis and research to formulate policy recommendations.

  5. Restaurant Industry: Restaurants could use this model to track waste production, helping to identify specific areas or food items causing excess waste, which can guide meal planning and reduce overall waste output.

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