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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Numbered Ship Tracking: This model could be used in maritime management systems to track specific ships in a large fleet based on their unique numbers. It will allow automated identification and real-time monitoring of individual ships to analyze their movement, speed and routes.

  2. Port Management: In crowded shipping ports, this model can be used to manage incoming and outgoing traffic by identifying ship numbers. This will facilitate a smoother and more orderly flow of vessels.

  3. Research and Rescue Operations: The model can quickly identify distressed ships through their number identifications in large, difficult-to-navigate bodies of water, aiding in faster and more efficient rescue operations.

  4. Maritime Surveillance: This model can automate the surveillance process by identifying ships entering restricted or protected maritime areas by recognizing their numbers. It aids defense and environmental protection operations.

  5. Historical Maritime Research: The model can be used to analyze historical images or footage of ships, helping to identify individual vessels and thus aiding in researching the history of maritime navigation, wars, or commercial trade.

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