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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Construction Safety Monitoring: Use the "EPP Girsu" computer vision model to ensure workers at a construction site are wearing proper safety equipment like helmet (casco), gloves (guantes), and safety vest (chaleco). A monitoring system could alert supervisors if any equipment is missing.

  2. Industrial Manufacturing: This model can be utilized in factories to ensure workers are wearing essential personal protective equipment (EPP) to comply with health and safety rules. In situations such as a worker forgetting to wear a helmet, the system could send instant alerts to prevent potential accidents.

  3. Case Study in AI Training: This dataset can be used by AI researchers and students to study and understand computer vision models, emphasizing object detection/classification especially for EPP elements.

  4. Retail Security & Safety Compliance: Retail businesses involving hardware, or any type of safety equipment can utilize this model to ensure store associates are properly equipped as per safety norms, or to identify if all mandatory safety equipment are in place in a store.

  5. Occupational Health and Safety Training: This model could be used in training programs to visually illustrate what each piece of personal protective equipment (EPP) looks like and identify them by their Spanish names. It could also be employed in creating interactive quizzes or learning tools.

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