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HRSC 2016


This is the dataset named "HRSC2016". This dataset is collected and processed by other researchers, but comes without annotations. This project is to annotate the ships in this dataset correctly, with polygon masks. This will be used for semetic segmentation tasks later.

Currently the annotation is still on-going.

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Aircraft Carrier Auxiliary ship Barge Battleship Bulker Ship Cargo Commander Corvette Cruiser Destroyer Ferry Fishing Vessel Frigate Hospital Ship Landing Motorboat Oil Tanker Partrol RORO Submarine Warship Yatch

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'ship' or 'aircraft carrier' or 'warcraft' or 'merchant ship' or 'Nimitz class aircraft carrier' or 'Enterprise class aircraft carrier' or 'Arleigh Burke class destroyers' or 'WhidbeyIsland class landing craft' or 'Perry class frigate' or 'Sanantonio class amphibious transport dock' or 'Ticonderoga class cruiser' or 'Kitty Hawk class aircraft carrier' or 'Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier' or 'Abukuma-class destroyer escort' or 'Austen class amphibious transport dock' or 'Tarawa-class amphibious assault ship' or 'USS Blue Ridge' or 'Container ship' or 'OXo ship' or 'Car carrier' or 'Hovercraft' or 'yacht' or 'CntShip' or 'Cruise ship' or 'submarine' or 'lute' or 'Medical ship' or 'Car carrier' or 'Ford-class aircraft carriers' or 'Midway-class aircraft carrier' or 'Invincible-class aircraft carrier' or
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