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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Military Surveillance and Security: Use "check_two" to analyze real-time or recorded footage of military bases, borders, or conflict zones for detecting potential threats or security breaches by identifying objects like soldiers, tanks, missiles, and weapons, as well as tracking unauthorized movements of people, vehicles or aircraft.

  2. Traffic Monitoring and Management: Employ "check_two" to analyze live traffic footage from cameras at strategic locations to determine vehicle types, identify traffic violations (e.g. motorcycles without helmets), estimate congestion levels, and inform better traffic management strategies based on the types of vehicles present (e.g. trucks, cars, motorcycles).

  3. Search and Rescue Operations: Implement "check_two" on drones or helicopters during search and rescue missions to quickly locate missing persons, identify potentially hazardous objects (e.g. collapsed buildings or barrels with hazardous materials), detect accessible routes, and classify vehicles and boats for resource allocation and evacuation.

  4. Safety and Compliance Inspections: Use "check_two" to assess images or videos of work environments or construction sites to ensure compliance with safety regulations, such as ensuring workers wear helmets, identifying dangerous objects like daggers or handguns that shouldn't be present, and inventorying equipment like trucks and heavy machinery.

  5. Maritime and Aviation Monitoring: Apply "check_two" to satellite or aerial images in order to monitor and track the movement of various vehicles and vessels (e.g. airplanes, barges, boats) for purposes like enforcing maritime regulations, optimizing shipping routes, and maintaining situational awareness near airports, ports, and airspace boundaries.

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