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TACO: Trash Annotations in Context Dataset

Instance Segmentation

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TACO: Trash Annotations in Context Dataset Computer Vision Project

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TACO: Trash Annotations in Context Dataset

From: Pedro F. Proença; Pedro Simões

TACO is a growing image dataset of trash in the wild. It contains segmented images of litter taken under diverse environments: woods, roads and beaches. These images are manually labeled according to an hierarchical taxonomy to train and evaluate object detection algorithms. Annotations are provided in a similar format to COCO dataset.

The model in action:

Gif of the model running inference

Examples images from the dataset:

Example Image #2 from the Dataset Example Image #5 from the Dataset

For more details and to cite the authors:

  • Paper:
  • Paper Citation: @article{taco2020, title={TACO: Trash Annotations in Context for Litter Detection}, author={Pedro F Proença and Pedro Simões}, journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.06975}, year={2020} }

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