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Traffic Signs Detection

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Traffic Signs Detection Computer Vision Project

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Mohamed Atef

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Object Detection



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0 1 120KPH 14 3 7 8 80KPH Danger Ahead End of Right Road -Go straight- Give Way Left Sharp Curve No Stopping No Waiting Snow Warning Sign Speed Limit 120 Speed Limit 30 Traffic Signals Ahead do_not_enter do_not_u_turn green kavsak no_entry no_parking no_stop no_uturn park_edilmez parking pedestrian pstk red regulatory_No_u-turn round speed_limit_100 speed_limit_100_ar speed_limit_120 speed_limit_120_ar speed_limit_15 speed_limit_20 speed_limit_20_en speed_limit_30 speed_limit_30_ar speed_limit_30_en speed_limit_40 speed_limit_40_en speed_limit_5 speed_limit_50 speed_limit_50_ar speed_limit_60 speed_limit_60_ar speed_limit_70 speed_limit_70_ar speed_limit_80 speed_limit_80_ar speed_limit_90 speed_limit_90_ar speedlimit stop u_turn yellow yellow_light